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perl:bay:problem:13, originally uploaded by monkey_pushover_tree.

Rob whilst doing problem 13 at Perl Bay. Fun thinking quick routes and a picnic too. That’s what bouldering is all about….

The place itself is beautiful; you sit on the grass and watch the boats in the bay. There is a gentle breeze and everything is just peaceful. Its a complete change to the bouldering at Lindfield. This week was a much better week for bouldering too. The weather was great, there was no pressure as we had brought a picnic lunch. It was simply boulder some of the problems if we felt like it. Well, the sandstone was just far too temping not too. Problems 12, 13, 14 completed… I fell off problem 15 (need to work on my footwork). Then again I needed a fall.

Before new year we went to Lindfield and I fell, not far, about 5 foot. Landed on rock and bruised both heals. I also damaged the my right foot and I’m been hobbling around in a brace still. Since then I got a mat. Today I feel from about the same hight (boy did it feel about 10 times that) onto the mat. I was fine, but I needed it to get the confidence back for just pushing myself a little outside. In the gym its easy to as you attached to a rope or you have piles of crash mats to land on. The real world is somewhat different; boy do I love it though!


~ by monkeypushovertree on January 14, 2007.

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  1. outside is good

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