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red:rocks:desert, originally uploaded by monkey_pushover_tree.

What a crazy couple of weeks; Sydney -> LA -> Las Vegas -> San Fransisco -> Sydney… Oh the joy of a modern workplace and global organisation. To be far though, it was fantastic. Las Vegas was for our user conference which was crazy as every. I mean it was work, but hey, there was a lot of fun that was occurring too. For the most part, it was between 2-4 hours of sleep each night, so when it finally came to a break I was shattered ( I think I’m still catching up on the missed sleep ). Still one of the highlights was getting out of Vegas and heading to Red Rocks. It was such a joy to replace the sounds of one arm bandits and people winning sums of money with the crunching of stones and the slight desert breeze.

But it was hot and dry; overhearing someone about cleaning their camera will give you an idea:
“Usually I just breathe on the lens and give it a wipe; breathing out here doesn’t fog anything up”.

So we trekked around red rocks doing the white rocks loop, amongst other things totaling about 6 miles. During this time I drank about 4 liters of water; most of which evaporated from my body before I could release it in traditional means. But it was worth it, there is nothing better than this place. Its dry dusty and yet teaming with life; compared to the unrealistic creation that is Vegas, I’d welcome going here at any time.


~ by monkeypushovertree on May 22, 2007.

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