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six:six:flight, originally uploaded by monkey_pushover_tree.

Seagull in flight over Cockatoo Island; scanned in by new “Canonscan 8600F”. This was just with its default settings, no second pass scans to remove dust or scratches, if anything i like seeing these. I’m also pretty happy on how these shots came out. It was an overcast day, and having 100iso film wasn’t going to be very useful, so I pushed it to 400iso. The lucky film seems to be able to handle this quite well.

As for the scanning, I was pretty happy. Each image scanned in at 1200dpi; no where near the maximum, but good for test. Each too about 2-3mins to do. I didn’t use any of the build in dust removal, simply cause it was late and well couldn’t be bothered. The only downside seems to be the autodetect of image locations. It kept thinking it was 6×7 format. Changing to full manual and off thumbnail sorted this all out; then it would see 6×6 and slight adjusting sorted it. This could just be the film type, as there isn’t much of a gap between frames or a color difference. But hey, I’m really happy with it so far.


~ by monkeypushovertree on May 24, 2007.

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