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tokyo:shadows, originally uploaded by monkey_pushover_tree.

I got to go to Tokyo for work. Yeah poor me. To be honest, when you normally get to go somewhere for work it kinda works as follows:

Catch plane, arrive, see airport, go to hotel, go to conf centre/place of work, back to hotel and repeat; then go to airport and go home. Of course there is the meals and drinking that can go in between, but for the most part, you are at work from 9.00am to 10pm at night. Not really as glamorous as it sounds. Occaisionally, you end up having to stay over a time that you don’t have to work. This happened this time.

Turns out, due to Chinese new Year, a Holiday in Japan and getting the dates that I was due out there I had to stay over the weekend. Poor me. The good thing was I was able to explore Tokyo and Kyoto.

Thanks to Jono, I was able to see a small section of Tokyo. I have to say I loved it soo much I really want to go back again for a longer time. It’s such and intense place with so many differences from what I’m used to. At every turn something was catching my eye. It was such an sensory overload. You can feel crowed area that is Tokyo – it’s just sooo full.

Kyoto on the other hand is completely different. It feels calmer, more peaceful and gentle. Then again, there are temples and shrines at every corner. Everything ranging from the small personal ones to large ornate buildings. More eye candy, just a different style.

I may have to go back in June… now how can I make it so I can stay for longer again…any ideas?


~ by monkeypushovertree on February 25, 2008.

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