I’ve been in Sydney now for about three years and thing that I have learned is it’s a city of extremes; especially when it comes to the weather.  Take last week for example, it was 40C stinking hot and in some places the  “hottest

place on the planet”*.  Still I like the heat; it gets into your bones and makes you feel alive.  I don’t miss the UK weather at this time of the year. There is something to be said of being damp from October to May; it’s not something that I miss here.   So blue skies, sun and heat are all things that I do love about being in this country.  So what happens this weekend; rain.   So much rain.

The rain also seems to sit on the road.  It doesn’t really flush away down the drains like the UK.  A bit of rain here and it seems to just overflow everywhere.  The thing that kinda confuses me is that they mention here about droughts, but no-one really harnesses all of this rainfall.  It’s just left to flow down the roads and into the harbour.  There are so many place that advise against swimming after heavy rain.   If they would harness more of this rainfall maybe some of the “lack of water” wouldn’t be such an issue.

Driving and cycling is kinda interesting out here in the rain.  As we go through those extremes of heat then sudden wet, the roads are always greasy after the rain.  Tires don’t stick and there is always a sense of a lack of control underneath you.  Even though everything is washing off the road, the grease still remains.  It’s a very strange thing to feel when you’ve been used to driving in the wet.

In fact it’s been raining on and off all week.  It’s now also 18C; the 22C drop in temperature means that I’m feeling cold.  I’ve got long trousers and a jumper on.  It the UK, that’s still a bit warm but a drop like that makes this feel like winter.  Winter of course gets down to about 12C here during the day, which as winters go is not the worst of things.  But a 22C drop in a week?  I don’t think I’ve ever really seen that.  10C drops yeah, and that does feel cold, but 20C?? I feel like I’m in an ice-box at the moment.

This also means that I’m acclimatizing to being out here; oh well.

* you have to remember that we are in summer at the moment, so other warmer places would be a different times etc.  Still it was hot.

~ by monkeypushovertree on February 14, 2009.

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