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Yes, it’s a cat shot…

Cat shots are one of my pet hates when it comes to photos. Everyone goes “awwwww, so cute” etc. It seems anyone who takes a photo of a cat is suddenly amazing. This is more of a test shot for me though rather than a “cat” phase.

I got a 5D mk II the other day. I’ve been thinking about it for a while as I felt I’d really grown out of the 350D and didn’t really like using it. Every time I did use it I was disappointed by the results. Everything feels too hot in it, the viewfinder is small, and as I have full frame lenses things looked not quite right. Then again, I’ve had it for over three years now, so it’s about time I had a change. So I finally just went for it and bought one (best thing about this was that the bank phoned me seconds after the transaction wanting to know if I’d really spent the money! Nice one bank!).

So, what do I know so far on it, well it’s kinda awesome compared to the 350D. It’s a large jump on this, that’s for sure. Suddenly I’ve got a big screen, large viewfinder, full frame and well a heavy body. It’s such an improvement on what I currently have. The first nice thing is that 24mm looks like 24mm in the viewfinder. I know it’s always been 24mm, but now it looks like 24mm. Secondly, photos are usable above 800iso. The one of the cat above is at 6400iso. I know it’s a black and white conversion, but still that’s pretty cool. Even in color there is noise, but it’s not insane. You can cope with it and with noise ninja it’s gone. That on it’s own makes it worth the step up.

The LCD is pretty nice two. It’s big and you can see what you’ve taken. You know straight away that it’s sharp or not. That always bothered me with the 350D. You’d think it was sharp on the viewfinder, only to find out that it wasn’t when you put it up on the screen. Then again, now that i have live view and can take movies, you kinda want the big LCD.

Taking movies is quite interesting. There is some strange shifting of exposure sometimes, but all in all it’s very cool. Even in low light there is no problem with it. How much I will use it, I’m not sure. I’m no film maker, or maybe not yet anyway.

What do I not like about it so far; the first thing is the strap that comes with it. I really detest the bright red outlined and the white letters saying “5D Mark II”.

I Do Not Like this, Sam-I-Am

I Do Not Like this, Sam-I-Am

I’ll be changing this very soon, more that likely for a crumpler Industry Disgrace. I have one of these on my Mamiya C33 and I love it. I think it’ll suit the 5D MkII. I also find the exposure meter inside the viewfinder hard to see. Others have mentioned this. It might be that I have to get used to this rather than dislike it.

That’s really it for the moment. I need to play with it more and see where I like/dislike what it does. So far I’m very happy with the purchase, even if my bank balance isn’t.


~ by monkeypushovertree on February 20, 2009.

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