So…I got hit by a bus and clipped a wing mirror in the same morning.  The wing mirror was the first thing that happened.  I was filtering through traffic and a car started to move lanes as I went through.  I just knocked the wing mirror forward and then put it back in place.  I got shouted at for that….nice cause like that was my fault.   I just cycled on.

The bus incident was interesting.  It happened on Miller Street after crossing the Pacific Highway heading towards the train station.   I was cut up by the bus which decided to undertake me while I was being overtaken by other cars.  I was in the correct lane, the bus was not.  It essentially squeezed me out of the road, causing me to brush against it then it, it stopped and I go into back of it.  It then drove off.  It’s not that it was stopping for passengers, it was stopping to avoid the car that overtook me, while the bus was undertaking me (passing me on the inside).  So I end up on my side on the road.  Still clipped into the pedals looking like a tit.  This makes for an awkward situation where passers by try and help me up.  They don’t realise I’m still clipped in and it’s 30seconds or so before I unclip and get my thoughts together.  Luckily it’s greasy out there today so I avoided road rash, and I wasn’t traveling that quick.  I’ve got bruising up my arm with my wrist, shoulder and hip feeling sore.

The main thing is that the bike is okay.  There is no damage to that (thank god!).  The funny thing was that I was on my way to Clarence Street Cyclery for the bikes first adjustments etc.  Typical that this would happen and at the start of the journey.  I still had another 5km to do before getting there.    The bike has been actually going really well.  I’ve done 131km on it so far, which is cool as most of the time it’s 7km ish at a time.  So I’m clocking up the mileage so to speak.  I’ve only had one issue so far which is that the chain broke on me.  I was out this weekend with Jarod for a ride and we bumped into Kate and Wing.  We had been going quite steady for a while, so we cycled with them for a breather and bam the chain just broke.  Kinda an odd one that.  I wasn’t pushing hard (I had been pushing hard earlier) and I wasn’t changing gear so really I can’t see why it failed.  I’ve asked the Clarence street guys to have a look at that; see if they will just change it for a quick link instead.  And I just remembered I didn’t mention the rear brake pads (must phone them about that).  And having phoned them, they are going to have a look at the pads; awesome guys!    The sound really gritty like they are tearing up the disk.  I’m wondering if they can put other pads in.

We’ll see anyway…

~ by monkeypushovertree on February 26, 2009.

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