Some things that are annoying me a little.

  • the auto adjust lcd – I’m sure there is a way to turn this off, just haven’t found it yet.  This can be really annoying as you look at a shot in lots of light and it looks underexposed.  Covering it and looking again, it appears fine.  Lots of histogram reading to be had…
  • I’ve gotten used to the exposure meter.  Still, personally I’d like it brighter.
  • flash sync speed… 1/200 only… 1/250 would be nicer.  1/500 would be awesome.  But then, it’s not a leaf shutter.

Things that I really like:

  • the big LCD – yeah I know, I bag it out but it’s massive and awesome.
  • AF drive – this works, this really works.  This was something that really bugged me with the 350D
  • AWB – is pretty good.  Still I should set this manually
  • 21MP… yeah it’s insane the detail and quality that you get out of it.
  • Full Frame – man I love 24mm at full frame!

As for video… Well I was doing some downhill mountain biking photos at the weekend.  I mean what an awesome time to use video.  How much did I shot…none.  I’d forgotten about it.  Need to remember to use this function more often.

Extras – I’m thinking about the bottom grip.  I noticed this when doing the downhill.  It might be useful.   Also theRemote Controller TC-80N3 and do some timelapse maybe?


~ by monkeypushovertree on March 5, 2009.

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