1000km confirmed by the Cychosis app

1000km for this year on the bike.  Not bad really, given it’s been about 4 years since I cycled that much.  Previously I used to cycle all the time, then I started working moved to Australia and it all stopped.  So in January of ’09 I bought a bike.  It was supposed to be for fitness and now it’s turned it to using for work as well as fitness.  Admittedly, I did slouch off during the year and picked it up again towards the end of the year.  Originally I wanted to do 3-5000KM in the year but that just didn’t happen.  So I’m happy for the 1000KM.  But that has been 46 hours 52 minutes and 12 seconds on the bike.  That’s a long time at one go.  Mine has been broken up over 122 rides, most of which have been small short ones.  There have been a dozen or so longer ones, that’s something that I want to change for 2010.  To help with this I’ve finally found the cycle paths on the North Shore.  Apart from some of them being covered in leaves and twigs, they are quite hilly.  Well, there are a decent amount of climbs to do.  That’s something that will really help with the fitness.  The ride to work has a few hills in it, but they are not that sustained.  Doing 20KM on these cyclepaths was hard work, and that was due to the constant up and down.  So it’s a good thing hills are only going to help.

Progress over the year

So this years plan? I’m just going to aim for double the amount I have done so far, 2000KM.  That’s less than 200km a month, not too hard but it’s a good start.  The next plan is a new bike.  Earlier in December I tried Jarod‘s single speed. The worst thing about it was that I liked it.  I know a single speed, the things I’ve never got or understood, the things I find daft, those things without multiple gears and I liked it.  Crap.  There was a simplicity to it that I just picked up; the not having to think for gears was great (I did try to flick for gears a few times though).  The other thing that got me was the dropped handle bars.  I hadn’t noticed how much I’d missed them.  My Mendota has a flat bar.  Now changing this is the obvious choice, but no I won’t.  The flat bar and its current position is great for the commute.  I can see really well and far better if I was down on drops.  Seeing well in Sydney traffic is a must, so I’m not going to change this.

So the single speed and the drops got me thinking and maybe I’ll get a bike that fits that.  Then it changed to an idea of doing some track cycling.  I have no idea what this is like but it appeals to me far more than any other cycling discipline.  So maybe a basic track bike that I can add a front brake to get used to using a single speed on say Centennial Park, then maybe try track cycling?  Who knows, it could be fun.  I know I will have another bike this year with drops on at some point this year.  As to what the setup actually is, we’ll have to wait and see.


~ by monkeypushovertree on January 1, 2010.

2 Responses to “1000KM”

  1. 1,000 km is a start. 😛 Did you see that they have approved the project to build a bike path from St Leonard’s to the Harbour bridge including removing the peksy steps? They sais it would have a maximum grade of 3%. Good luck with the riding in the new year and do ride down to Tempe one Monday or Wednesday. They do not cycle on the velodrome if it raining.

  2. I didn’t think that they had approved the harbour link plan only the committee to see if it was feasible to do? Where did you see that they have approved it? That would be great if it came through.

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