Brain vs Body

Jarod said the following to me over the weekend – “Cause [sic] you let your brain bash up your body”. It was reference to an earlier discussion about making decisions and the though process that goes with it.  Earlier, for Jarod,  it was just one more hill before he went home.  For me it was I’ll just do another hour which turned into a total of 3 and 80km of riding that I wasn’t originally going to do.  I wasn’t feeling the strongest this weekend and was more sleepy than anything and it was supposed to be a gentle ride just to make sure I did some riding.  The problem is that the brain bash up your body comment on the bike rings true.  It’s one of the only times in the sports that I’ve been able to do it.  By some means I find ways of shutting off and ignoring the pain and suffering when on the bike.  I know I’m pain and my body is screaming stop and rest but some how my brain takes over to shut it out.  When I finally do stop I’m exhausted, I’ve given it everything and just collapse.  The question is how how am I able to do this in some sports and tasks but not others?  Why can’t I do the same thing when climbing and push myself just that much further?  Why is it on the bike I’m able to do such a ride? I guess the brain is a complex machine and some things it allows me to do to exhaustion and others not.

~ by monkeypushovertree on August 2, 2010.

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