Last night on my cycle home, I decided to take a ride to Chatswood and back for some extra distance.  It’s a fun route on the cycle paths and there is a nice hill just before Chatswood that you practice sprinting up.  On the way back, heading through the dark cycle paths with my Ay-Ups lighting the way I spotted a bike light on the ground.  The first thing that went through my head was that someone had a flat and may need assistance.  I slowed down as I approached only to see a guy looking at piece of paper in the dark.  He flagged me down and I stopped.  First thing I asked was “Everything okay?”.  Turns out he was lost and wanted to get to…Chatswood.  Now while this route is straight forward when you know where you are going it’s not as much when you are in the dark and have never done it before.  A confusing part of the route is a split in the path towards Artarmon.  It’s even worse looking at it from a printout and trying to work out where you are in the dark.  If you don’t know where you are going, you could easily go wrong here.  So I offered to show him the way on the cycle path and then how to get to the train station in Chatswood.  Another trip to Chatswood didn’t really bother me and I knew that you could get further lost if you hadn’t done the route before.  So off we headed and chatted along the way.  Turns out that this was the first day cycling home as he lives in Hornsby but works in the City.He was cycling back and forth to Chatswood which is cool I think.  Part of your journey by train, the other by bike.  So I delivered him within a block or two from the train station and headed back. Oh and he is the executive chef of a hotel in the city and said I should pop in and he’d sort me out with a feed!  That’s pretty awesome!  For me, I was just happy to help another cyclist.

On the way back I got thinking; this would never happen with a car. Cycling does make people more friendly that’s for sure.

~ by monkeypushovertree on September 8, 2010.

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